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We're the global leader in sales performance and employee engagement solutions that drive measurable results for our clients around the world. 


Our mission is to inspire people and deliver measurable business results. Inspired employees solve problems and create value. Inspired salespeople take risks and seize opportunity. And inspired channel partners and customers choose your brand every time. We work with great companies around the globe who know that extraordinary results can only be achieved when their business is energized by the people who make it happen. And most importantly, we understand how to inspire employees, run custom sales incentives, build channel loyalty, and engage customers better than anyone else.

Where we came from

BI WORLDWIDE’s origins are both humble and ingenious. (We like to think that describes us pretty well.) It started over 60 years ago with founder Guy Schoenecker discovering innovative ways to provide consumer loyalty programs and incentives to various industries. That idea caught on (majorly), and grew into what is now a multinational company serving Global 2000 corporations in more than 125 countries in over 20 languages.

In spite of our size, we still haven't lost sight of the core purpose: Produce measurable results that truly make a difference for our clients.

Where we are

Our Canadian headquarters is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, with an office in Oakville, Ontario as well, so we are where you need us most.

But with our founding headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and headquarters around the world in Australia, China, India, Latin America, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, our worldwide network of offices and partnerships not only give us unmatched local resources but also enable us to deliver culturally relevant programs and solutions no matter where you’re located. That’s priceless.

What sets us apart

How did we get to be the world’s leading expert on engagement? Experience is part of it but it also stems from our unique approach. We design and deliver innovative engagement solutions grounded in the science of behavioural economics.

We look at how thought and emotion combine to drive decisions and behaviour. We don’t have to guess what might motivate your sales teams or customers; we actually use research and data to figure out what will motivate them. Then we act on it.

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