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Global Employee Rewards Marketplace

Our global employee points-based rewards marketplace offers a wide variety of motivating, customizable award options for your employees, channel reps, and customers. 

We know from our global experience and behavioural science research that choosing a points-based rewards system over cash-based rewards can make an enormous impact.

The Elements of a Successful Employee Recognition Awards Program 

The heart and soul of every employee points-based reward program is the awards collection. It’s the focal point for the participant and drives the experience as much or more than any other element.

Through the science of behavioural economics, it is known that the idiosyncratic fit helps participants increase employee engagement through an employee recognition award program. Personalized and segmented offerings and communication make people feel like the opportunity being presented to them is unique. With that understanding, does your awards collection reflect the best possible selection to your participants? Does the collection consist of the latest versions of the hottest brand names available?

If your current program is not providing a completely custom selection for your audience based upon historical popularity, corporate culture, budget analysis, audience demographics, and consumer merchandising trends may drive employees to perceive your program as less than desirable. Make sure the elements in your employee recognition award program are combining to increase employee engagement and corporate loyalty.

Why Rewards Work

Not all rewards are equal. To make your investment pay off, you also need efficacy.

Efficacy refers to the ability something has to produce a desired result. For example, the cash end of the continuum is more quantitative and financial in nature. It puts people into a calculative mode and the reward begs the question, “Is this a good deal?”  Because of this, cash is less effective at getting results. Whereas travel or tickets to a show or luxury merchandise are more emotional in nature and the question becomes, “Do I want it?” The farther away from the dollar sign, the more effective the rewards become at changing behaviour.

We know—and research confirms— that hedonistic rewards, or those on the right-side of the spectrum below, have higher efficacy than those that are cash or utilitarian-based. 

The Efficacy Continuum is important, but it’s not the whole story. When designing your tailored suite of employee awards, we consider audience, budget, and context to develop a Global employee points-based rewards marketplace that’s a perfect fit for your goals. 

Hedonic Experiences. We offer highly pleasurable emotional experiences. From zipping around a race track in a supercar to the feeling of serene weightlessness on a hot air balloon ride, these high-demand opportunities make memories to last a lifetime —and result in serious motivation.




Luxury Merchandise. Our Employee Rewards Marketplace features a curated, international offering of products aimed at motivating and inspiring your audience. These are the items on your wish list you’d find hard to justify buying for yourself. The Rewards Marketplace is designed for high sociability (it’s easier—and less obnoxious —to show off your new top of the line noise-cancelling headphones than a cash bonus.) In fact, we re-consume the award every time we see it or use it. Cash doesn’t create an emotional connection reminding employees of an earned award and relating it to your company, it is simply more money. 

When a tangible reward is received, every time an employee is reminded of the award there is an emotional connection to your organization. You are not going to remember $50 cash but you do remember gifts. Cash is not memorable; it simply disappears into your bank account.  

Travel Rewards. Our propriety VentureOut travel engine lets you book all your vacation needs on one easy-to-use platform. You can manage:

  • Hotel and resort stays
  • Flights
  • Car rental
  • Tours and transfers
  • Cruises

Events. Sports fan? Give your audience an opportunity to earn tickets through the Global points-based rewards marketplace. Music lover? You’ve got your choice of attending a concert at venues like Rogers Centre or more intimate spaces like The Rickshaw Theatre. We also have you covered for local attractions, food festivals, museums, speaking tours, and theme parks.

Gift Cards. Although not as effective as ‘hedonic luxuries’, we have a large variety of gift card options from most countries around the world. Many can be delivered electronically via email or SMS.

Simple Technology

  • Our Global Employee Rewards Marketplace has an intuitive user interface making it easy for anyone to browse rewards and place an order.
  • Each of our country-specific sites is optimized for mobile and tablet usage.
  • Each site offers locally-relevant stories designed to highlight new, seasonal, exciting award options.
  • Sites are offered in 20 local languages.

Our marketplace features many options for customization. Here are a few examples:

  • Removing competitive products
  • Adding your logo
  • Offering branded merchandise
  • Our Global Employee Rewards Marketplace easily integrates with many of our other solutions including our employee recognition platform.

We want you and your audience to have an awesome experience with our employee award catalogue, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure that happens.

  • Our customer service teams are located in our BIW offices around the world and staffed by BIW employees. We like to talk to our clients ourselves instead of outsourcing.
    • Our customer service teams work closely with our buying teams and fulfilment partners so we can provide fast, thorough support.
    • Our teams are experts in the nuances of local supply chains.
    • Customers receive support via phone, email, and chat.
    • Receive support in eight core languages.

Let’s make your participants around the world smile.

Keep your employees energized, inspired, and moving forward.

Something for everyone.

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