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5 Ways Virtual Reality Will Change Your Incentive Game

Feb 05, 2018

Your team has the world at their fingertips. Thanks to advances in technology, their standards are higher than ever. How do you entice and impress people who can have anything they want with a single click?

The answer: Step up your game. Literally.

Once the realm of sci-fi, Virtual Reality (VR) is building rapid momentum among a broader audience and there’s no sign of slowing down. Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are all making substantial investments in VR.

With the recent release of Windfall VR, BI WORLDWIDE Canada is the first to harness this technology for the ultra-competitive world of incentives.

VR blends the thrill of virtual gaming with the hedonic enticement of luxury, real-life rewards. The result: A fresh, new experience designed to generate next-level motivation.

Here are five ways this super-unique blend changes the game for forward-thinking companies.

See how virtual reality can change your game. Game on.

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