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Culture Clash vs. Culture Cue

Mar 08, 2018

As a sales leader, use these strategies to help your salespeople navigate change more effectively so they focus on what's really important: selling.


8 steps to sales success

Being on the front line, your sales team experiences more change than just about any position. Shifting customer expectations, competition from all sides, a never-ending stream of product launches, evolving technologies and a whole array of internal changes require your sales reps to stay nimble, informed, and inspired every day.

The ability to embrace change is difficult for even the best performers. But what about reps who aren’t top performers? If all these changes challenge the best reps, what about your core and lagging salespeople?

They will only fall further behind. And as much as this may seem to be their problem, it’s really your problem. This problem can become your opportunity. Your core sales performers represent a huge percentage of your overall sales – and they hold your biggest opportunity for growth.

Top-performing sales organizations everywhere are making changes to:

•  Create the best customer experience.
•  Stay ahead of the competition.
•  Take advantage of new products.
•  Use technology to the fullest.

To ensure your sales culture is strong enough to meet these challenges,
here are eight questions your salespeople asking themselves.

Be aware of them as you navigate changes.

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