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Employee Recognition Best Practices

Feb 27, 2018

If you think that offering raises are the right strategies for employee reward and recognition. Think again. Here are best practices employees and managers need to start doing.

Why recognize?

Every time one of us succeeds at something — anything — our nerve cells release a chemical called dopamine, which stimulates the reward centre of our brain. It feels good!

When you recognize a peer, it produces a double-dopamine rush: doing the behaviour feels great — and being recognized for it does, too.

Want to get a co-worker aligned with your priorities? See their work habits change? Or turn around their attitude? Consistent recognition for the good things they do will get them craving that feel-good feeling. Before you know it, they’re one of your best teammates!

It takes two…

Let’s talk about another reason to recognize your peers: relationships. Unless you work in a closet with no electricity, Wi-Fi or phone, you rely on people to get your job done. And, if you want to accomplish more than just your job – like become successful – you need to build great relationships. 

Employee Recognition Best Practices: A Guide for Employees and Managers Take me there.

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