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Sales and Channel Incentives

Heighten performance, maximize effort, and drive results from your entire sales team. Motivate incremental performance, reward and recognize success aligning with your sales strategy.

Sales Incentives l BI WORLDWIDE

Empower your sales team and channel partners.


    Get your reps and channel partners excited about, and aligned with your strategy.


    Teach them what they need to know to deliver results.


    Engage and reward performance across the entire team. 


    Consistently recognize your top performers and ensure engagement for future performance. 

Engage your sales team and channel partners. Realize great results.

Today, there’s more transparency than ever before in the sales process, and more complexity in the channel. Customers have more influence and control over the process than they used to, and are looking for your reps to provide creative solutions, not sell them a suite of products.

Effective sales managers recognize that one size does not fit all. Salespeople have different talents, but they aren’t naturally talented in every area. Different strategies are needed for different levels of performance; it’s easy to engage top performers. What about new reps and middle performers? Engage and educate sales reps and channel partners with segmented strategies that are relevant to each individual and maximize sales.

Data tells only one side of the story, BI WORLDWIDE Canada’s understanding and application of behavioural economics – the science of why people do what they do, gives us the ability to inspire teams to think more, do more and sell more and be passionate ambassadors for your brand. 

What kind of help are you looking for?

Sales Rewards and Incentives

Strategic, engaging incentive programs to help your sales team and channel partners reach new heights. 

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Want to motivate your sales team? This is a game-changer: SalesMaker is a proven contest engine that can help you get powerful results from your sales teams.

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Business Builder

Want to take your channel marketing to the next level? You’ve come to the right place. Business Builder is a game-changing solution that engages, inspires and motivates channel sales reps like never before — all while leveraging your channel spend.

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Travel Incentives and Meetings

Excite your sales team  and deliver your message with expertly coordinated meetings, events and incentive travel.  From preliminary planning to the final post-event debrief, we keep one thing in mind: How will this inspire better performance?

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Sales and Channel Learning

We design and execute custom learning solutions to engage sales teams and provide the knowledge to deliver results.

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Loyalty Platforms

The key to sustaining and elevating your brand is authentic customer loyalty. It begins with building loyalty in your channel with engaging loyalty platforms. 

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Measurement and Analytics

To improve engagement with your sales team and channel partners, you have to understand what has been successful and what has not.

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