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Throwdown™ heightens competition in your sales force. Maximizing the impact and using the principles of behavioural economics and the desire that all sales people have to compete. 

Let the competition begin.

Throwdown is a sales incentive program that draws on the most basic of human instincts: competition. Featuring head-to head matches, stack ranking, and the opportunity to exchange friendly banter, it seems the trait of competition is alive and well among most sales forces.  That’s why Throwdown is so effective – and so engaging. 

Here’s how it works: Throwdown highlights the “N-Effect” – fewer competitors equals more competition. Participants can compare their own performance with that of any other given target. This fuels the motivation to compete — and win. Plus, the behavioural economics of social comparison tell us that people who compare themselves with others on an important dimension become more competitive.

We capitalize on these instincts and funnel them into a platform that increases energy and performance. Of course, we keep it friendly — but the results are real and better yet, they’re measurable.

Throwdown creates recognition of top performers and allow those at similar levels to compete against each other…and win.

Let’s see how some extra competition can impact your bottom line and the enthusiasm of your team.

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